Monday, January 11, 2010

What to do? What to do?

So I have decided to start cooking meals on Monday nights from the delicious recipe books my mother bought me. I am really excited for this task and yet a little nervous too. I'm hoping everything works out well... we'll see :P
Monday is a semi-quiet day in the life of me. I am still on break from school, I don't start til February. So, I am sitting here in the church copier room with an open cook book, trying to figure out what in the world I should make for dinner starting next Monday.... hmmm Right now I am thinking a Mediterranean Pizza or Pizza with Onion Confit... we'll see what happens. I am most excited about the dessert! I love baking desserts of all sorts! So I am going to try and make something extra delicious and special! It is definitely going to be chocolate or have chocolate in it, no questions about that.
Now that I wrote about chocolate.... it is all I can think about now... I am starting to wish my passion ice tea was a chocolate frappucino mmmm....
Well I should get back to working on Threads of Hope stuff or find a way to make myself useful.
Be blessed today!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's time to make time...

Last night was one of the harder nights I have had sleeping for a long time now. I felt fearful and just when I would overcome one fear another would arise. I dozed off for about an hour but awoke feeling even worse. Suddenly my heart was beating really fast and I felt terrible and there was nothing I could do. I had my worship music playing on my ipod but still I was restless. I decided to distract myself by playing games on the computer, it worked. I was distracted but the moment I thought about sleeping I was fearful again. I was up until 7 a.m. I even got to see my little sister, Anna before she went to school. I thought about just staying up for the rest of the day but decided against it... I knew I would be cranky. I finally dozed off and got out of bed around noon. I awoke with a resolution, I needed to spend time with Jesus today. I brought Zach lunch at the church around 12:45 and while he was busy working I spent time with God. It felt so good! I forgot how peaceful and wonderful it was to just be with God and not let the busyness or distractions of life carry me away. 2009 was not an easy year. It was a year of hard transition and adjustment but God carried me through and provided me with so many blessings.
I gained so much this past year, after having to leave so much behind in Boise. I have made new and wonderful friendships and have received a lot of guidance and answers to prayers. On top of it all God provided me with the most wonderful boyfriend in the world, Zachary :)
God is so faithful and amazing! Even during the hardest of times and transitions. I hope this post encourages you to sped time with your Savior in your own special way.
God bless and keep you!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just for FUN

Dear Readers,
As I am sitting here, in my room, sleepless, I decided to write to you about some random but fun information.

Random thing #1. Psychologists believe that when you sleepwalk or talk in your sleep you aren't, actually, dreaming. Interesting huh?

Random thing #2. In a moment of crisis, if a lot of people are present they are less likely to help. Reason: Each person thinks someone else will do something. You are more likely to receive help if there are only a few people present.

Random thing #3. Cholesterol is only in animal products! So, when you see on a box of cereal "Cholesterol Free" know that it is a scam to get your money. It didn't have cholesterol in the first place.

Random thing #4. Of all the nutritional needs that increase during pregnancy fat intake does not. On top of that most women don't even need to increase their protein intake because they already eat too much in their daily diet.

Random thing #5. Many major clothing brands and stores use child labor in other countries. To find alternatives look up "Free Trade" items and take a stand against modern day slavery.

Random thing #6. If you are ill, watch "You've Got Mail". It's amazing :)

Random thing #7.I am selling bracelets for an organization called "Threads of Hope." The bracelets are made by children and families in the Philippines as a means of income. By selling these bracelets these children avoid being forced into prostitution or sold into prostitution by their parents in order to gain money for food. If you would like to know more about Threads of Hope just email me at :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

starting off right...

Many of us begin our New Year with all sorts of goals. A new year brings a fresh new start. It brings us hope and encourages us by presenting us with a clean slate. I have such goals for myself, I too feel the encouragement and hope brought about by the cheer of "Happy New Year!"I am determined to make healthy decisions, the first of which is doing yoga every morning before I begin the tasks of the day. This may sound easy enough but now just add sleeping issues and the difficulty level rises greatly. I find myself awake til 1, 2, or 3 in the morning until I finally fall asleep! The result... I don't wake up til 11 or 12! Needless to say, this goal is going to take a lot of discipline. But I have hope and optimism on my side which makes this endeavor all the less intimidating.

Another of my goals... to drink less sugary coffees (whether or not I use non-fat milk) and to stay away from chocolate as much as I possibly can...unless it's "free trade."

A less healthy but far more fun and exciting goal I have for this year is to cook and bake the different meals and treats from the cook books my mom bought me this Christmas! :)

Well tomorrow, I should say today, will be my first official yoga day... pray I can even wake up in the morning to do it. Now that it is 12:39 a.m. I am going to try and get some rest. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and were greatly blessed!