Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh for cryin' out loud

I had to take a moment from my evening to share with you about my crazy dream! For Halloween I was a zombie ( a pretty believable zombie, I might add.) I went to sleep that evening and was suddenly in ZOMBIE LAND! To my own surprise I wasn't overcome with fear at the sight of the "walking dead" quite the contrary, I was ready for action! I was overjoyed to find that in my hand was a gun! But not just any gun...Brett's BB gun! You can only imagine the damage I inflicted on those terrifying creeping corpses.
Myself and a large group of people, also fighting the zombies, found shelter in a large building/ apartment (it's hard to know, dreams can be so obscure.) There was a young girl occupying the, rather well kept, building. She was more than happy to lend us assistance...however, I feel that she was a bit perturbed when I informed her that we may have led the zombies to her hideaway.
Sure enough the beasts arrived and we all began to battle fiercely, (me with my trusty BB gun.) Unfortunately my trusty BB gun did not prove faithful... suddenly I was firing nothing but air at a stalking corpse. I frantically pulled the cartridge out and called out for assistance. Noah approached me, informing me, in a most believable way, that he could fix my not so trusty friend. I watched and waited while Noah fiddled with my gun only to see him walk away with it. I was outraged! I ran after Noah, yelling at him to let me have my gun back but it was to no avail. Amazingly enough I was strong enough to keep one zombie from bursting through the bathroom door ( clearly a product of my Nordic heritage.) Sadly enough I cannot tell you how this battle for life came to a close, for with a jolt I awoke and found myself back in the reality of classes and drowsy days.

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