Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's time to make time...

Last night was one of the harder nights I have had sleeping for a long time now. I felt fearful and just when I would overcome one fear another would arise. I dozed off for about an hour but awoke feeling even worse. Suddenly my heart was beating really fast and I felt terrible and there was nothing I could do. I had my worship music playing on my ipod but still I was restless. I decided to distract myself by playing games on the computer, it worked. I was distracted but the moment I thought about sleeping I was fearful again. I was up until 7 a.m. I even got to see my little sister, Anna before she went to school. I thought about just staying up for the rest of the day but decided against it... I knew I would be cranky. I finally dozed off and got out of bed around noon. I awoke with a resolution, I needed to spend time with Jesus today. I brought Zach lunch at the church around 12:45 and while he was busy working I spent time with God. It felt so good! I forgot how peaceful and wonderful it was to just be with God and not let the busyness or distractions of life carry me away. 2009 was not an easy year. It was a year of hard transition and adjustment but God carried me through and provided me with so many blessings.
I gained so much this past year, after having to leave so much behind in Boise. I have made new and wonderful friendships and have received a lot of guidance and answers to prayers. On top of it all God provided me with the most wonderful boyfriend in the world, Zachary :)
God is so faithful and amazing! Even during the hardest of times and transitions. I hope this post encourages you to sped time with your Savior in your own special way.
God bless and keep you!

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