Monday, January 11, 2010

What to do? What to do?

So I have decided to start cooking meals on Monday nights from the delicious recipe books my mother bought me. I am really excited for this task and yet a little nervous too. I'm hoping everything works out well... we'll see :P
Monday is a semi-quiet day in the life of me. I am still on break from school, I don't start til February. So, I am sitting here in the church copier room with an open cook book, trying to figure out what in the world I should make for dinner starting next Monday.... hmmm Right now I am thinking a Mediterranean Pizza or Pizza with Onion Confit... we'll see what happens. I am most excited about the dessert! I love baking desserts of all sorts! So I am going to try and make something extra delicious and special! It is definitely going to be chocolate or have chocolate in it, no questions about that.
Now that I wrote about chocolate.... it is all I can think about now... I am starting to wish my passion ice tea was a chocolate frappucino mmmm....
Well I should get back to working on Threads of Hope stuff or find a way to make myself useful.
Be blessed today!

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