Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just for FUN

Dear Readers,
As I am sitting here, in my room, sleepless, I decided to write to you about some random but fun information.

Random thing #1. Psychologists believe that when you sleepwalk or talk in your sleep you aren't, actually, dreaming. Interesting huh?

Random thing #2. In a moment of crisis, if a lot of people are present they are less likely to help. Reason: Each person thinks someone else will do something. You are more likely to receive help if there are only a few people present.

Random thing #3. Cholesterol is only in animal products! So, when you see on a box of cereal "Cholesterol Free" know that it is a scam to get your money. It didn't have cholesterol in the first place.

Random thing #4. Of all the nutritional needs that increase during pregnancy fat intake does not. On top of that most women don't even need to increase their protein intake because they already eat too much in their daily diet.

Random thing #5. Many major clothing brands and stores use child labor in other countries. To find alternatives look up "Free Trade" items and take a stand against modern day slavery.

Random thing #6. If you are ill, watch "You've Got Mail". It's amazing :)

Random thing #7.I am selling bracelets for an organization called "Threads of Hope." The bracelets are made by children and families in the Philippines as a means of income. By selling these bracelets these children avoid being forced into prostitution or sold into prostitution by their parents in order to gain money for food. If you would like to know more about Threads of Hope just email me at athompson@desertvineyard.org :)

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